Last week’s lecture on adult development theory was a bit of a change from other topics in adult learning. One specific portion of adult development that stood out was individuation. Wikipedia defines individuation as processes whereby the undifferentiated tends to become individual, or to those processes through which differentiated components tend toward becoming a more indivisible whole. One aspect of individuation that interested me was feminine/masculine balance.

I am still a little unsure of what all this means. Supposedly, in adult development, regardless of gender, adults experience a range of emotions of a masculine and feminine nature. I think what that means is males experience emotions that are both masculine and feminine, in nature and vice versa. If my understanding is true, then the manly man is able to experience emotions that are usually reserved for females. The notion of masculinity/femininity in individuation was interesting because it showed an aspect of adult development that people may not necessarily know. Moreover, there are some who may not be comfortable with the assertions made in individuation.

I Have Been Found!!!

Wow…long time, no see.  Seems as if even an author can be lost in a lost and found; but thankfully, I have emerged on the other end of the moniker.  Well, it’s good to be back and I guess I will try to some up the happenings since my last appearance. 

Educating Rita…For a ‘older’ movie, this was entertaining given it’s relativity to our course.  The movie took on Rita’s journey to educate herself and allowed us to see that Rita was not the only character who learned along the way.  Movies have to have a central character, but the title of this film could lead one to focus solely on the education of the main character and not her supporting cast.  The movie cleaverly created  a picture that encaptured lots of the learning styles and theories that we have covered.

Research Paper–I have come to enjoy the task of writing.  However, I must say…this particular task has offered its fair share of challenges.  I suppose all papers should challenge us on some level or another; therefore, I consider myself to be right on task for a well thought out, organized, and written paper.  The fact that we have group members to help promote thoughts and ideas has been very helpful.  My group members have been a great resource and I can only hope that I have been just as helpful. 

Kolb–Another activity that struck my interest in my absence was the Kolb Learning Styles activity.  Although, I am not one to categorize myself into one group or another, I always find it interesting to see where these activities place me.  I guess the interesting part is to see where I fit, what I agree with, and what I disagree with.  And Kolb did not disappointment; some elements I agreed with and others I cannot accept.

Transformative Learning–This lecture went very well with our view of Educating Rita; the movie gave us an opportunity to see Transfomative Learning before all the formal definitions arrived.  Thus, making the reception of its concepts a lot easier to grasp. 

President Elect Obama–I know, I know…it is taboo to allow politics and such makes it way into education (let alone a lost and found), but I would feel less than awkward it I followed the norm.  You see I am trying to break from what it is normal because I feel so much gets lost when we skirt around our feelings.  The election of Barack Obama means more than I think any of can grasp (black, white, or otherwise), because his election means some many things to so many people, not to mention this country…even this world.  His election does not mean that racism is dead (oh, how I wish that were true), that our country is healed of the emotion misgivings of our past, the bleak existance of our presence, or the uncertainty of our future.  Personally, it means that this country is capable of the transformative learning that we were taught in class (not to letter, but in some many words), that this country can (honestly) tell its youth that no matter what color, gender, or difference–anything is possible.  For a moment, let us put aside the obvious (President Elect Obama is black) and focus on how you felt November 4, 2007, 2006…you get the picture and then try to relive how you felt at approx 11pm on 11/4/08 when the projection came in (NOTE: This feeling will[potentially] differ depending on who you voted for); my feeling was one of hope, not just for African American, rather one for a country that was in need of some hope.  With a failing economy and other challenges we did not need a black, female, Asian president; we need a president that could give us the good feeling that we needed…a feeling of hope.  By and large, I think we have that feeling.

I know all of that was a lot to stomach in one sitting, so I give my word…I will never again, get lost in the lost and found, I hope.

A Life Changed…For the Better???

Last week added a little bit of fun to my first semester of doctoral studies.  I slip in and out of these feelings of ‘how am I going to write all these papers and do all this research’ and the trip to the library kind of changed my view (for the moment).  I have had this love/hate relationship with the library since I was a young lad; but our meeting last week proved to me that the library is my greatest ally.  I have to admit…to see the wealth of resources that are available to us (students) was a  breath of fresh air and a weight off my shoulders. 

Now I have to go and use those resources to my advantage.  I never thought the day would come where I was so excited about the library or research…I guess this is my next step in maturity!!! 


As we approach the third and final debate, I cannot help but relfect on last week’s activity; our spirited debate on andragogy taught me a lot about the subject.  What’s funny is…we learn so much when we are opposing or defending a point because you spend so much time trying to inform yourself on the subject–what type of learning would is that?  Anyways, it was just fun to be split into sides (whether you agreed with the side or not) and have to defend your side and oppose the other. 

A thought…if it was that easy for us to pick and defend a side and oppose the other, could it be that our presidential candidates are doing the same thing.  Is it possible that McCain actually agrees with Obama on most issues and Obama thinks McCain’s policies are right on.  Probably not, but you have to wonder what this (debate/election) is all about; are they debating for their side (party) or are they debating because a commission says it would be fun (fun, if they do not agree with one another).  Going off on a tangent, but our country is so divisive; things are not entertaining or noteworthy, unless the include some controversy or differing opinions. 

What in the world will we do when Obama/Biden & McCain/Palin begin to play nice again on Nov. 5th (hopefully the fifth–not like 2000 election). 

Thoughts and Questions

Last week’s discussion on feminism was very interesting and got me to thinking…is it possible for a male to be a feminist?  Additionally, if such a man exists, how is he portrayed as a man?  Is he even still viewed as a ‘man’?  Quite frankly, I do not profess to know all that there is to know about feminism, but I find the thought of a qualified women being outearned by her male counterpart simply because of their physical differences to be a bit dated and very oppressive. 

Moreover, I was shocked to learn of the resistance that women, who take time out to start/raise a family, meet when they decide they want to return to work.  It is these ideas that are handcuffing families today.  Personally, I am excited that one day my wife and I will start a family, but I am torn by the thought that my desire to start a family can be detrimental to my wife’s career.  This is all very disturbing and frustrating and I am not even a women, so I can only imagine their frustrations.  Something has got to give.  Starting a family is a special time that can and will provide its share of tense moments and I do not believe that those ‘moments’ should come from external forces like: healthcare, economic issues, or job prospects for women who are ready to go back into the workforce.  This is the lost and found; and we approve this message!!!  Sorry…I keep seeing all these adds and could not resist.      

Desire 4 Change

I’m not sure where to begin…no wait, I do; we had an awesome class last week on the topic of Priviledge, Racism, Micro-aggression and so on.  These conversations are what I can (at the moment) only describe as “Up one minute, down the next”.  Do not misunderstand, the conversation was very thought provoking and I believe helpful to our individual understandings of one another and the topics stated above.  Personally, (and this will sound weird) I love talking about racism and priviledge  Why? because unfortunatly (they) still exist and I am one that loves to take problems head on (no matter how difficult). 

The “down” side to this conversation is that reality of racism and priviledge.  I left class on Thursday so excited at the notion of my classroom experience; but I get kind of depressed once my excitement wains and you have come to grips with the fact the racism still exists.  I wish that we could have a “invite everyone to ADLT 601” day, where everyone would have to abide by the same guidelines that we did in class…personalize nothing, discuss everything, realize the problem, and work like crazy for a solution.  Now I know that is not exactly what we did, but you get my drift.  The first step toward  the solution of this lifelong epidemic is to come together willing to discuss, instead of hurrying to anger and resentment.

Imagine (if you will), last week’s class with just one person who was NOT willing to dicuss in a civilized manner; it would have taken a great conversation and turned it into a madhouse.  I commend every participant in that conversation because, all to often, these conversations do NOT go the way ours did.  I am sure, at one time or another, we have all seen the worst of racism in a  conversation about racism and that is just a shame.

Again, I had a blast in class, but the world outside our ‘four walls’ leaves a lot to be desired.

Dyson v Cosby

Looking back on last week’s class, I found the information about Dr. Dyson and Dr. Cosby to be very interesting. Accordingly, I went and did some digging around for more information in this battle of will’s, war of words; what ever you want to call it. Previously, I had not heard of this debate–where have I been. Actually, I had heard of Dr. Cobsy’s speech at the NAACP conference, but had no idea that Dr. Dyson responded with a 244 page book.

Without jumping into the middle of the fray or on one side of the fence, I want to take this entry in a different direction. Here goes…I love a good debate (who doesn’t) and with two men as repected as Dyson and Cosby a good debate goes to a great debate. That is, until things get personal and my fear is both men and their strong viewpoints may be heading down this path. I may be wrong, but when one man’s opinion draws the ire of the other, to the tune of a 244 page response, things can get a little testy. Let’s hope that these men can be adult enough to have civil dialogue that may be able to bring about some change.

A heated discussion can, at times, bring about the change of which I speak. However, the norm is once things get personal, it becomes you versus me; rather than my point and your point. I mean go down to your local city council meeting; I do not care where your live, those meeting can get down right nasty and what comes from such altercations…nothing. So, I guess what I am trying to say is–here’s to a future where people talk to one another, instead of attacking one another.

House of Understanding

Just when I thought the different ways of learning was all I had to deal with, then I learned that you can combine some of those ways in one situation. Last week’s lecture took the different ways of learning to a whole new level. Our activity of diagnosing a situation and listing the what modes of learning where present went a long way ‘hammering home’ the definitions. The activity was practical in nature; it showed us how the different ways of learning manifests themselves in everyday life. As learning goes practical experiences are the ones that bring the information to a place of understanding.

On another note I think the ‘Lost and Found’ needs some life so I’m going to be looking for some ways to enhance the time you spend here. If you have any ideas of how I can do that…let me know.

So much to learn, so many ways of learning

In all my years of learning, I never took the time to realize that there are many different ways of learning.   Last week’s class offered me a little more in substance, as far as, the different ways in which we learn.  Most times people just state “different people, learn in different ways” as fact, but lend no proof to the assertion.  It was nice for a change to not only hear it, but to see (class activity) and discuss the different ways in which people learn.  I still have far to go in putting all the pieces together (i.e. Humanism, cognitive, behavioral, etc),  but I have to say that it is interesting to try to put it all together and to see where I fit in these models.

Square One

We all have a start in life, sometimes two.  This is the start of my blogging career.  Hopefully, as the days, months, and maybe even years pass, the Lost and Found becomes a place where experiences and knowledge acquired serve as the catalyst by which we find our way.

Not sure if any of this is making since and I’m not even sure if it’s suppose to.  Before a sign off, I wish to leave you will a few lines from Coldplay’s Square One X & Y:

Is there anybody out there who
Is lost and hurt and lonely too
Are they bleeding all your colours into one?
And if you come undone
As if you’ve been run through
Some catapult that fired you
You wonder if your chance will ever come
Or if you’re stuck in square one